A team dedicated to professional video & photo.


On the ground and in the air, Alert5Media creates aerial footage and ground marketing solutions for a variety of industries. Providing content for commercial and residential real estate, builders and businesses of every size, we pride ourselves on our top-of-the line service and results. We were amongst the first authorized to employ drones commercially in the United States in 2015 and our experience with drones dates back to early 2012.

We also hold both “controlled” airspace waivers in several markets, allowing us to fly within controlled airspace (close to often larger, towered airports) and have been issued a night-time waiver (14 CFR §107.29) allowing us to fly safely and commercially at night, all granted by the FAA in compliance with their Part 107 rules and regulations. If your project is near or even on major airport grounds, our experienced team has a proven track record of working successfully and safely with Air Traffic Control (ATC) jointly with the FAA, permitting us to fly these projects in many locations.

We are one of the only companies offering both Quadcopter and Fixed Wing aerial mapping as well as 3D modeling products for agriculture, construction and industrial applications. In addition to visuals, we provide actionable data such as thermographic and NDVI orthomosaic solutions.

Our team includes seasoned professional photographers, videographers, creative talent, a licensed real estate professional, engineers and project managers — all working behind the scenes to make your project come to life.   

Using the latest, state-of-the-art drone and ground based imaging equipment, our team of UAS pilots are all FAA-certified Part 107 certificate holders. We are also insured with up to $3 million in UAV insurance in addition to general liability insurance to satisfy the most stringent operational requirements. You can trust the proven team from Alert5Media.

Our team has worked all over the country, and recently internationally, on a variety of projects with a customer base from private individuals to Fortune 500 companies to foreign film companies, including a project for Discovery ID. Our goal is to create I-M-P-A-C-T for our customers and we are honestly touched when we hear a customer tell us that our deliverable brought tears to their eyes. We look forward to adding interest and value to your next project!